Whirling Dervish by Aamir Khatri

Whirling Dervish by Aamir Khatri



Whirling Dervish 001,

36 x 54 inch

Mixed media on canvas. 

Price 65000/-

Free delivery rolled pack artwork in Pakistan.

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Artist Introduction:

We introduce Aamir Khatri’s latest series Whirling Dervish Pakistani art online. For detail contact us or place the order to buy Pakistani art online. Aamir Khatri, born 1967, He is a Pakistani Artist and textile designer by profession. We introduce Pakistani art online. Painting is his passion. He feels proud when he paints, especially something to promote peace though Pakistani art. Aamir liked to do watercolor. He experimented with portraiture, landscaping, abstract and impressionism but wildlife has been his favorite subject.

Artist’s Art Series:

He is proud of his association with Eqbal Mehdi, a remarkable illustrator and artist renowned for his line etchings and paintings. Sanctity of the line and etching is a sacred trait that he got from the legendary painter Eqbal Mehdi. It was back in 1984-86 that Eqbal Mehdi guided Aamir Khatri. It was Iqbal Mehdi who infused life in his art. Long time back, his method of painting with watercolor was interesting. He would soak the sheet in water, allowing it to dry a little. Then he quickly applied the pigments and finished it off before it dried up. In this way, he created the required tint. Cotton swabs and brushes used to be his basic tools. Now he works with oil paint, combining abstract and impressionism. So obviously, his oils show emotional restlessness mingled with mental distortion of humanity in all walks of life

Delivery time & details:

We deliver this painting 7-10 working days in Pakistan and world wide delivery 10-15 working days. We deliver this beautiful painting in a roll tube. Framed paintings available only for Lahore. The Framed oil painting is accessible just for Lahore at our online art gallery Pakistan (SA Art & Designs). For further detail or any inquiry kindly reach us. It’s accessible on our online gallery (SA Art & Designs). Buyer’s satisfaction is our first priority. Kindly contact us for more beautiful nature, landscape, forest paintings, calligraphy and handicraft at our online art gallery. Buy Pakistani art online in reasonable price of the talented Pakistani artists. Aamir Khatri’s paintings for sale online.

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Painting description:

Whirling Dervish 001,

36 x 54 inch

Mixed media on canvas. 

Price 65000/-

Aamir Khatri’s paintings for sale online.

Free delivery rolled pack artwork in Pakistan.


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